Experience the 5 senses of Italy.
La Rocca invites several times a year for exclusive events, where we present culinary specialties and fine wines from selected Italian canteens and wine regions. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you will be automatically invited.

Italian Wine?

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La Rocca also offers to arrange wine tasting for both businesses and individuals.

WINE TASTING – Saturday, 31 AUGUST 2019 at 12:30

WINE TASTING – Saturday, 31 AUGUST 2019 at 12:30

WINE BATTLE - SATURDAY, 31 AUGUST 2019 AT 12:30 Italy and Spain are taking another very tasteful match ... Which of the two distinctive wine countries will win? WE WILL SERVE 10 GLASSES OF WINES WITH OUR ITALIAN BUFFET FOR ONLY 395 KR AND IF YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH THE...

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La Rocca inviterer flere gange om året til eksklusive events, hvor vi præsenterer kulinariske specialiteter og skønne vine fra udvalgte italienske cantiner og vindistrikter. Tilmeld dig nyhedsbrevet og du bliver automatisk inviteret.

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