La Rocca is the essence of Italy – with passion and innovation since 2000
At La Rocca we value the Italian traditions – with a progressive touch. Copenhagen is part of a historic Europe from where search inspiration and experiences of taste and sense. A visit at La Rocca contains more than a meal. The entire restaurant has been renovated and designed in warm colours with soft padded chairs, beautifully decorated tables, walk-in-wine-room and a Pastaria where you may sit back and watch the making of our fresh pasta.


Our impassioned waiters and chefs pay attention to all details and strive to give you an authentic and intimate experience. Have a bite of Italy and enjoy the sparkling atmosphere – day and night.


Pure Italian La Rocca is the right choice if you value delicious food and wine in cosy and stylish surroundings. In Italy children are always welcome around the dinner table – and in La Rocca. We have arranged a really nice children room with toys and TV where the kids may rest and play after dinner.


When your kids are saturated with impressions and delights, they can enjoy themselves in our children’s room with toys and TV for entertainment, while you enjoy the rest of the dinner.


Enjoy the atrium in all weathers When the sun is shining or the rain drums on the canopy you may enjoy your lunch or a romantic dinner in our charming atrium.

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La Rocca inviterer flere gange om året til eksklusive events, hvor vi præsenterer kulinariske specialiteter og skønne vine fra udvalgte italienske cantiner og vindistrikter. Tilmeld dig nyhedsbrevet og du bliver automatisk inviteret.

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